The Price of College Textbooks is 1000% Higher Than They Were 38 Years Ago

The price of college textbooks has ballooned in the past 40 years, according to NBC’s latest number-crunching. Textbooks are 1041 percent more expensive today than they were in January 1977.

That’s unreal, you might say. Actually, that’s the market. Economists say that textbook prices have continued to go up, at a rate that’s even higher than the rate of inflation, because students need them the same way that drug addicts need a fix—at whatever cost. “They’ve been able to keep raising prices because students are ‘captive consumers,'” said Nicole Allen from the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. “[Students] have to buy whatever book they’re assigned.”

Those on the publishing side may disagree—Marisa Bluestone from the Association of American Publishers argued that students can always rent textbooks or buy them secondhand. But either way, there’s no sign that the market will get any better for students: professors are not “price-sensitive” (they don’t have to buy those things), so they will continue to assign whatever materials they like. And students will keep having to pay the sticker price.

“I find the prices of college textbooks in general ridiculous,” said one Northeastern University student. “But you gotta do what you gotta do.” Spoken like a true freshman.


You might think LEGOs are for just for kids, but the best selling sets in their extensive catalog are the Architecture sets that plenty of older fans gravitate towards. The LEGO Architect is a book that showcases architectural styles from Art Deco to High-Tech, and gives step-by-step instructions on how to build twelve different models. Photo galleries of famous structures throughout the book should help provide inspiration for brick builders young and old.


The ability to travel the world shouldn’t just be reserved for millionaires, rock stars, and flu viruses… us regular shlubs to see what KFCs look like in Beijing too. In his new book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, travel guru Matt Kepnes shows you how to hop from country to country on the cheap.

Whether it’s how to score free flights, hotel rooms, or admissions to coveted attractions, Kepnes taps into his years of experience to teach you how to save for your trip and then make it pop without spending thousands. And he’s a good guy to listen to, as advice from his award winning budget travel site, Nomadic Matt, has been referenced by The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Yahoo! Finance and more.

A Collection of Creepy Vintage Krampus Christmas Postcards

The 2004 book Devil in Design by Monte Beauchamp (previously) of BLAB! features a beautiful collection of creepy vintage Krampus Christmas postcards. The book, published by Fantagraphics Books, includes interesting snippets of the history of postcards and Krampus. While it’s currently out of print, used copies are available through Amazon or those interested can pick up a copy of Beauchamp’s more recent Krampus book, Krampus: The Devil of Christmas.