Spotify Introduces “Taste Rewind” for Rediscovering Old Music

Spotify is looking to help listeners rediscover old tracks from years past with the introduction of its new “Taste Rewind” feature. Utilizing a series of intricate algorithms, the feature suggests old songs that non-premium listeners may enjoy based on the user’s selection of three artists while registered premium users will see the feature recommending artists and tracks based on listening history. The main hope here is to introduce lesser-known acts to users as the feature will place an emphasis on more obscure tunes rather than showcase obvious selections.

More info on Taste Rewind can be found over at Spotify’s website.

Apple Unveils Apple Music

Undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s WWDC was the unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited music streaming service. Simply dubbed Apple Music, the service — the culmination of the Cupertino giant’s $3 billion USD acquisition of Beats Music — aims to streamline the offerings of the music world, offering the ability to stream music, follow artists, watch videos, share and more.

At the heart of Apple Music are “New Music” and “Connect.” While the New Music section will offer the likes of playlists, recommendations, new releases, and a 24/7 Beats1 radio station — a real station (not just a playlist of songs) with real DJs like Zane Lowe that spans three timezones for a seamless handoff — Connect exists as the social aspect of the service, allowing artists to share demos, videos, lyrics, photos and more with a community much larger than that of services like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Finally, a “For You” section is where users select the artists and genres they like, which will also allow them to see playlists and more related to their choices.

Perhaps best of all? Siri can be used in conjunction with Apple Music to more quickly and easily queue up songs for your listening pleasure.

Apple Music launches June 30 with a three-month trail while subscriptions will cost $9.99 USD per month. There will also be a 6-member family plan available for $14.99 USD.

Apple’s Streaming Service to Debut Next Week for $10 Monthly

Apple is expected to announce the launch of a new subscription-based streaming service during the Worldwide Developers Conference next week, according to the Wall Street Journal. With it, Apple will offer unlimited on-demand streaming for $10 per month. A free tier will also be available, but will be ad-supported. The drawback of this free tier is that it will seclude users from gaining entry to an artist’s entire music catalog. To compensate for this, the company will introduce a free Internet radio service curated by familiar names in the industry. Earlier reports suggest that Drake is just one of the many artists that Apple is attempting to hold talks with.

R.I.P. B.B. King, American Blues Singer And Guitarist, 1925-2015

American blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter B.B. King has died, according to his attorneys. The musician’s legal counsel informed the Associated Press of the 89-year-old’s passing late Thursday evening.

Attorney Brent Bryson tells The Associated Press that King died peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. PDT Thursday at his home in Las Vegas.

King suffered a heart attack earlier this month and, according to some reports, was possibly a victim of elder abuse. Those allegations stem from King’s daughter Patty, who accused his manager Laverne Toney of the abusing.

There’s no word yet on whether or not those accusations will have any bearing on King’s death. We’ll update with any new information as it becomes available.

Until then, here’s a clip of King’s live performance in Stockholm in 1974. One of the greats, no doubt.

[youtube id=”9vn-xKyVwfQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

World’s Biggest Record Collection to Become Listenable Archive

Having accumulated a staggering 5 million records over the years, the world’s most avid record collector Zero Freitas reveals plans to catalog his extensive collection into a searchable and listenable archive. “The relationship people have with certain songs is subjective and personal,” Freitas says. “I want to share this with people and make it possible for them to recall their memories.” The Brazilian vinyl enthusiast also talks about the process of building his collection and the ritual that occurs before each record is archived.

Watch the full interview with Freitas on BBC News.

Lil Wayne Sues Birdman for $51 Million USD

Lil Wayne has made good on his promise to go after Cash Money Records, following up the release of Sorry 4 The Wait 2 by officially filing a lawsuit against Birdman and the label. TMZ reports that Wayne has accused Birdman and co. of violating his contract by withholding the $10 million USD (which includes an $8 million USD advance) the label owes him for the long-delayed Tha Carter V — thus entitling Weezy to walk away from Cash Money completely. The rapper isn’t just looking for freedom, however — he’s suing for a grand total of $51 million USD and wants the judge to declare that he is the joint copyright owner of all recordings on Cash Money’s Young Money imprint, which includes Drake and Nicki Minaj among others.

TMZ goes on to report that sources close to Wayne have said that he’s still willing to let Birdman and Cash Money release Tha Carter V, but only once he’s been paid what he’s owed.

PLAYER: Music Player App That Shows the Chords and Keys of a Song

An amazing new dimension has been added to music with the release of the new app PLAYER. The app allows you to upload any song from your music library and as it plays, it shows you the chords to play on a guitar, keys to play on a piano and more. The concept is revolutionary in that it provides a visual cue to learn and perfect the songs that mean something to you in a visual and practical domain. The app also pushes the concept of music discovery with a list of the most popular songs at the moment. Available now via the Apple app store.

YouTube Music Key, A New Premium Music Streaming Service by YouTube

YouTube has announced YouTube Music Key, a new premium music streaming service that will give users the ability to watch videos and listen to music without ads, whether online or off. In the announcement, YouTube claims its users have made it the biggest music service on the planet, saying that if a song exists, it can probably be found on YouTube. YouTube Music Key is launching in beta with invites to YouTube’s “biggest music fans,” offering them six months of the service for free.

When the service becomes available to the public, it will be at an introductory price of $7.99 per month, which YouTube says is discounted from $9.99. Users interested in learning more can sign up for email alerts for updates about YouTube Music Key.

[youtube id=”pMQxeb5ERps)” width=”600″ height=”350″]