Have you ever tried to small talk a wedding photographer? We’ve found they usually lean towards the cranky side. Maybe it’s all that squinting they do, or maybe it’s just the fact that they’re being bombarded with the same cliché and somewhat insulting questions all the time.

After the popular “What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer” series, Luca Masini of Zerouno Design and Picame Magazine have teamed up for another batch of graphics that illustrate the most painful of pet peeve questions that photographers face on the regular. “What Not To Say To A Photographer” features everything from “Can You Remove Your Watermark?” and “Can You Make Me Thinner?” to “Why Is The Background So Blurred?” and “You’re Going To Adjust Me With Photoshop Later, Right?”. Each question either undermines the photographer’s main way to make money, or makes the subject sound like a serious mouth-breather. Now we know why the caged bird complains.

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Fujifilm Unveils Selfie-Ready X-A2

In the age of the selfie, a standard point and shoot digital camera will simply not suffice the average consumer. Fujifilm, a long-running veteran in shaping the way people utilize photography, has recently produced an update to their previous X-A1 model by incorporating a rotating 175-degree tilt feature to the camera’s 3-inch LCD screen, facilitating self-portrait capture for the selfie-obsessed amateur photographer. Paired with an XC 16-50mm II F3.5-5.6 OIS lens, the X-A2 features Wi-Fi capability, a 12 Megapixel 2/3” X-Trans CMOS II sensor with phase detection, and an EXR Processor II that enables rapid autofocus speed of up to 0.06 seconds. A user-friendly interface with all the technical bells and whistles you want from compact system camera, the X-A2 is a significant step up from the ubiquitous mobile-captured selfie.

The Fujifilm X-A2 will be available in February and is set at a retail value of $549.95.

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Instagram Gets Five New Filters

Having updated its selection of filters two years ago, Instagram‘s offerings have fallen out of favor with smartphone photography enthusiasts as tastes have changed and technology has progressed. These enthusiasts more often than not gravitate now to the more evocative options under third-party apps like VSCO Cam and Snapseed among many others, even though Instagram itself is more popular than ever. In an attempt to regain some of that flavor, the photo sharing platform has introduced five new filters in its newest update for iOS and Android. The five color filters, namely Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua, tend towards soft and subtle shifts in color for a more restrained aesthetic that complements and elevates the subject matter rather than over-saturating the tones. Also included in the update are new capabilities to organize the order of the filters, allowing the user to put their favorite filters at the front while hiding those that are least used.

Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera is Now Available for Pre-Order

The long-awaited and much talked-about Polaroid Socialmatic camera is now available for pre-order. This 14 MP camera packs amazing Polaroid insta-print abilities and it connects to the web for quick online sharing. Snap a pic then use the touchscreen to make edits, add filters, text and graphics. Socialmatic prints pics in real life too, library card-sized, sticky-backed photos print right out at the push of a button. It also has Android built in, so you can log GPS data with each photo, download your favorite apps, and even browse the web from the huge touchscreen. Furthermore, the Socialmatic boasts a 2 MP selfie camera on the back. The Polaroid Socialmatic camera is now available to pre-order at Photojojo for $299 USD.

TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Photos of 2014

TIME magazine has unveiled its annual list of the Top 10 Photos from around the globe. Much of the list recalls tumultuous ocurrances from 2014, not limited to the Ferguson civil riots, Ebola outbreaks in Liberia, and ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle-East. The set of provocative imagery is certainly impactful in its contextualization of current events, while reminding us that a visual record of history should always be kept, to ensure the gravity of certain events is never overlooked.
Photography credits and more information can be found by visiting TIME.com.

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Twitter Adds New Photo Filters to Mobile Apps

Social networking platform Twitter has just recently added filter options for photos uploaded with tweets. The new photo filters can be accessed by double-tapping the thumbnail of the photo: multiple filters are offered, and each can be adjusted to increase or decrease intensity. Twitter’s new feature tags along on the photo-editing app craze, which includes the likes of the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Simply download the latest Twitter app for iOS and Android to attain and enjoy.

The Bigger Picture, Fanciful Depictions of the Area Outside the Margins of Iconic Album Covers

In The Bigger Picture, web design company Aptitude imagines what exists just outside the margins of some of popular music’s most iconic covers, from Michael Jackson to Adele.

In this digital age, buying an album has become less about buying a physical package to buying a digital version out of convenience. So in honour of a once coveted industry standard, we take a look at some of the most iconic album covers over the years and put our own spin on them by revealing ‘the bigger picture’.

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PIXPRO SP360, A New Action Camera by Kodak That Captures High-Definition Video in 360 Degrees

PIXPRO SP360 is a new portable, splash-proof action camera by Kodak that is capable of shooting full HD 1080p video in 360 degrees. The camera’s “fully immersive images” come in a number of viewing angles, including the 212-degree Front, the 180-degree front-and-rear view Split, the 214-degree Dome, and the 360-degree Sphere. Kodak has posted several videos shot on the wireless and NFC-enabled camcorder.

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