Chick-Fil-A to Start Rolling Out Gluten-Free Buns

For those of us that love biting into a juicy Chick-Fil-A sandwich—but don’t want to destroy the villi in their small intestine—the company is about roll out some gluten-free buns. The fast-food chain announced today that it would begin offering the buns nationwide for all sandwiches.

The new bun is made with quinoa and amaranth before being sweetened with molasses and raisins. It’ll set you back an extra $1.15, but that’s a small price to pay for a chance to eat a chicken sandwich the way God intended.

Chick-Fil-A hopes to acquire increased business from the one in five Americans who have eliminated gluten from their diet, which is smart, because only one percent of Americans actually have celiac disease. Feel free to use those stats in your next mealtime argument.

Here’s How To Score A Free Doritos Locos Taco From Taco Bell Today

Whether you’re bummed or ecstatic that the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, you can get a free taco at Taco Bell today.

As part of this year’s “Steal A Game, Steal A Taco” promotion, anyone and everyone can get a complimentary Doritos Locos Taco at their local Taco Bell on June 13 between 2 and 6 p.m. local time.

Tacos will only be available while supplies last, and you’ll be limited to exactly one taco per customer. And don’t get greedy: “Participating Taco Bell restaurant managers reserve the right to deny Free Taco to any person they reasonably believe has already received a Taco or has engaged in any other fraudulent activity,” the chain says in the promotion’s official rules.

This is the second year in a row that Taco Bell has given away tacos upon the occasion of the visiting team defeating the home squad during the NBA finals. The chain has also offered a similar promotion — “Steal A Base, Steal A Taco” for the World Series in recent years.

Here’s Where You Can Get Free Donuts Tomorrow

Guys, tomorrow, Friday, June 2, is National Donut Day. It’s your patriotic right, nay duty, to load up on some circular fried dough confectioneries before the clock strikes midnight—or whenever Dunkin’ Donuts closes—and all the donuts turn into pumpkins. Here’s a brief list of places (via Thrillist) where you can get donuts for free. A few places are requiring you to jump through some donut holes to get your treat, but it’s a small price to pay for multiple mouthfuls of sugary goodness. Each of these offers lasts the entire day.

Krispy Kreme
What you have to do: Nothing. Just walk in there, jostle other freeloaders out of the way and grab yourself one free donut. Any flavor.

Dunkin’ Donuts
What you have to do: Strut in there and grab one free classic donut of your choice after first purchasing a beverage. And saying please. This deal ends once they run out of donuts.

Tim Hortons
What you have to do: First, buy a hot or iced coffee. Second, make sure you remind them that it’s National Donut Day. Third, chow down on a free classic donut.

Deleting the Facebook App Will Double Your Phone’s Battery Life

We’ve covered how Instagram is seriously damaging to mental health, but another self-study revealed that Facebook‘s mobile app is the most draining of your smartphone battery life. This observation came to light after Inc. journalist John Koetsier decided to delete Facebook from his phone after seeing that the social media app accounted for almost 50 percent of his device’s daily juice. Upon deletion, his phone’s battery doubled in lifespan.

While this may not come as a surprise to many, it’s the app’s specific functions that make Facebook battery use more demanding. SRAX executive ad tech developer Aaron Hetler says that Facebook’s wide range of features is what causes it to kill your phone battery, even by just opening the app. Facebook’s wide range of features such as device location, notifications, live videos, contacts, etc has contributed to the app’s 10-fold increase in megabytes over the past few versions. Some suggest that disabling the “Background App Refresh” function after quitting the app can extend battery life, but as long as Facebook is tracking your device’s location, it will continue to eat away at power.

Driverless Cars Will Be Huge for Buffalo Wild Wings

Financial analysts in every industry are mashing their brains to figure out how the rise of autonomous cars will affect the economy, but one group of analysts at Morgan Stanley has a pretty wild prediction: if nobody has to drive any more, people might start going HAM at the Buffalo Wild Wings more often.

In a letter to clients on Thursday, the analysts looked at some of the major industries that will be affected by the rise of “shared autonomy” a term used seemingly to describe the twofold impacts of self-driving cars and a ride-sharing based transit economy.

The team’s recommendations highlight areas and certain stocks that could benefit from “shared autonomy,” including, hilariously, Buffalo Wild Wings and Domino’s Pizza. BWW, because 20 percent of its revenue comes from alcohol, and Domino’s because its delivery business won’t need human drivers.

“There are around 1.2 million DUIs issued in the U.S. every year,” the analysts write. “The average American consumes nearly 500 alcoholic drinks per year. Over the course of a year, how many more drinks might be consumed if people were completely freed from the responsibility of driving? Moreover, how many more drinks could be consumed during the 400 billion global hours humanity currently spends behind the wheel?”

Constellation, the American corporation that owns Corona, Model, Pacifico, Svedka vodka, and a whole bunch of other wine and liquor brands, will benefit, project the analysts.

Also, apparently, the best beneficiary of shared autonomy, where most people will ask their self-driving cars to take them, is Buffalo Wild Wings. It does caution, though, that the company is still vulnerable to the temperamental price of chicken wings.

Domino’s will benefit from shared autonomy after it nixes delivery drivers. Domino’s has already experimented with drones and weird autonomous robots so this one actually seems like a pretty sound prediction.

New Facebook Option Allows Food Ordering Right From App

Facebook once again looks to widen its market at become a one stop shop for just about everything you would want on the internet after the introduction of a new feature that allows individuals to order food from nearby restaurants right from the app. Facebook made reference to this earlier this year, when they announced a partnership with both and Slice. Users on Twitter were surprised to see it pop up randomly on their Facebook app, with some users are reporting that the “Order Food” icon is also appearing on Facebook’s website, giving you the option to order food from your computer as well. According to those who have used the service, every step of ordering food is done through Facebook, including looking at menus, checking daily specials and payment.

As of right now, it looks like the feature is only available in certain areas around the world. This is one of the many business strategies the social media giant has embarked on over the past while. Most recently,the platform announced it would be live streaming regular season MLB games every Friday, as well as introducing a lineup of new, original shows to compete with business like Netflix and Hulu. With Facebook making more and more of an effort to find new ways to add on to their network, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Where To Find The Best Specials On Cinco de Mayo

Get ready friends, Cinco de Mayo is here. That means you have no excuse for missing out on margaritas, Coronas, and every cheese and salsa-covered form of Mexican fare. Even if you don’t want to get tipsy on tequila and Tecate, you can still take advantage of the various Cinco de Mayo food deals and drink specials at restaurants all across the US.

Here we go!

Bahama Breeze

Visit any Bahama Breeze location to get $5 margaritas. On top of that, many locations are also celebrating the day with outdoor Cinco de Mayo parties where you can purchase $5 margaritas, $3 beers, and two-for-$5 tacos and empanadas.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

The popular chain restaurant might not be known for its Mexican food, but that didn’t stop them from offering a $5.99 Cinco de Mayo taco special (two tacos, chips, and salsa).

California Pizza Kitchen

California-based chain will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today by offering customers its Fresh Agave Lime Margarita for $5 at participating locations.

Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse

Stop into Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse today to get $4 Coronas and $5 dollars margaritas all day.


If you stop by the popular restaurant chain, you can purchase a special Cinco de Mayo cup. For only $5, you can have it filled with your favorite beer or a margarita.


Chuy’s will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo by offering drink specials all night. This includes frozen margaritas, floaters and various Mexican beers.

El Pollo Loco

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, El Pollo Loco is getting downright crazy (get it?). Visit the company’s website to get coupons to get a variety of deals special for the day.

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Feeling hungry? You can get all-you-can-eat nachos at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant until 4 p.m. today. This deal is good for every nacho style on the menu.

Marie Callender’s

To celebrate the holiday, Marie Callender’s is offering $4 house margaritas and $6 ultimate margaritas. Don’t worry if you can’t find a time to get in today, this deals lasts until May 7th.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

The restaurant chain is celebrating Cinco de Mayo by launching its new Moe-Rita, a family-friendly (alcohol free) margarita made with limeade, lemonade, orange, and other flavors. If you’re lucky, you can also get a free T-shirt (at some locations) and others are offering $5 burritos.


Visit any Schlotzky’s location and purchase a Fiesta Chicken Meal Deal (a small fiesta chicken sandwich with chips and a small drink) for only $5.

TGI Fridays

The famous chain is offering premium Casamigos tequila shots for $5, $3 Dos Equis Drafts. and $5 Sauza ‘Ritas.

On the Border

Do you love the magical mixture of tequila, lime, and triple sec? Well, you’re in luck. On the Border is celebrating Cinco de Mayo by offering $5 margaritas all day.

Taco Cabana

Visitors to Taco Cabana in Texas can win free Taco Cabana for a year. Customers can enter the Cinco de Mayo-related contents on the restaurant’s Facebook page.


Look through your cushions to find all of your hidden change. But, you won’t need much because TacoTime is offering $0.79 tacos all day long today.

Tijuana Flats

The Mexican food chain is offering myriad Cinco de Mayo deals throughout the weekend, including $2 draft beers today and on May 6th and 7th, customers can get $2 drafts, $2 chips and salsa, $2 tacos, and $2 churros.

Get the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks Happy Hour on Friday

There’s an unlikely character in the latest addition to the Starbucks Frappuccino lineup — a whimsical parade that includes the Unicorn, Dragon, and Mermaid Frapp — and it goes by the name Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino. This new extra-dark beverage was revealed, along with a limited resurrection of Frappuccino Happy Hours, in a surprise announcement on the Starbucks Newsroom website on Tuesday. Both will be available for a limited time only — the Frapp is available throughout the summer and the Frappuccino Happy Hour begins Friday and goes until May 14.

Unlike the custom riffs on the Unicorn Frapp — like the Dragon Frapp and the Mermaid Frapp — the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino is officially sanctioned by Starbucks. Next to these vibrant and sometimes unbearably sweet Frapps, the Midnight is a medley of layers — a darker, richer layers of “extra-dark cocoa blended with coffee, milk, and ice, infused with cooling mint sugar crystals” and a whipped cream layer in the middle and on top.

While this Midnight Mocha Frapp seems like an about-face from the trending mythical creature-inspired Frapps, the coffeemaker’s beverage development manager, Ryan Coombes, insists otherwise: “People are gravitating toward vibrant colors. … Jet black is filling the void in unexpected places.”

The dark hue was inspired both by a burgeoning food trend on social media (e.g. “black macarons,” “charcoal ice cream”) and by “thoughts of dark starry nights, looking up at the sky with a cool summer breeze” says Jennica Robinson, a member of the Starbucks beverage development team. But despite being dark, it’s still a cold Frappuccino with a minty flavor, so it’s bound to be refreshing AF.

Also announced Tuesday: The classic S’mores Frappuccino is back to get you in the summer spirit. Meaning if ever there is a time to get the taste of sweet summer in the form of a S’mores Frappuccino or embracing the “thoughts of dark starry nights, looking up at the sky with a cool summer breeze” then Friday will be the day.

McDonald’s Is Ready To Eighty-Six The Hi-C Orange Drink

Starting next week, McDonald’s will begin phasing out the classic Hi-C Orange Lavaburst.

Earlier this week, an internal memo made its way on Reddit, explaining that the famous orange drink will make way for Sprite TropicBerry, as part of their new partnership with Coca-Cola.

The imminent removal of the glorious orange drink from the menu has people in their feelings on Twitter, and rightfully so. We thought our relationship with Hi-C Orange was going so well, then the drink packs up it stuff and leaves just like that with no warning? Sure, our relationship wasn’t perfect but which one is?

Now people are doing anything and everything they can to get McDonald’s to reconsider, which includes starting a petition.

Starting in May, it’s going to be difficult to welcome Sprite TropicBerry, let alone any other drink, into our hearts. So we would greatly appreciate it if you could respect our privacy during this difficult time.

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Is Real & It’s Here!

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino was announced to the world, and it’s going to make your week absolutely magical.

Right at the end of last week, rumors started swirling that something spectacular might — might — be on the way: A brightly-colored Frappuccino filled with something called “Pink Powder” and topped with literal “Unicorn Dust.” The rumblings of this mystical drink came courtesy of a number of baristas posting on Reddit and Instagram, and naturally, once the word got out, the internet had a field day with it all. Admittedly, I was a skeptic; Bustle reached out to Starbucks, who had nothing to share at the time, and knowing how easy it is to fake a rainbow-colored Starbucks drink (hi there, April Fool’s Day), I took the stance of, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Now, though? Consider me a believer: Starting on April 19, the Unicorn Frappuccino will be available at participating Starbucks stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for a limited time. I do mean limited, by the way; it’s only going to be around through Sunday, April 23 or while supplies last. Magic, after all, is fleeting.

According to a press release, the Unicorn Frappuccino is a “blended crème” drink — which means it’s not a coffee-based Frapp — made with “a sweet dusting of pink powder”; mango syrup is blended up with the drink before being “layered with a pleasantly sour blue drizzle.” It’s topped with vanilla whipped cream and “a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping” — so basically, it sounds like a Sweet Tart in a cup.

Perhaps even more intriguing, though, is this: The Frappuccino… changes as you drink it it. The press release notes that at first, it looks purple shot through with “swirls of blue”; when it’s in this form, it tastes “sweet and fruity.” If you stir it, though, its color and flavor both change, becoming pink in appearance and “tangy and tart” in taste. Apparently the more you swirl, the bigger the transformation. And, I mean, who doesn’t like playing with their food? (No one, is the answer. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.)

The Unicorn Frappuccino will be available at participating Starbucks locations throughout the United States, as well as in Canada and Mexico, from April 19 through April 23. Grab yours. Experience the magic.