2016 Rotation Cellars, Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Red

Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Nose: Sweet, overripe heirloom tomatoes, Black tea and your mon’s linen closet, fresh and clean

Palate: Medium body clad with tannin that sticks to the back of your mouth.

More about this wine from Napa, California:
Did you know that Cabernet Sauvignon is actually a hybrid of red Cabernet Franc and white Sauvignon Blanc? And that this hybrid occurred out of complete happenstance? And that this happy coincidence became the most widely planted grape varietal for most of the 20th century?! Well it’s all true, and this Rotation Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful example of what this sturdy red grape is capable of.

This wine smells like taking a deep, chest-expanding breath while sitting perched high on a cliff. Wet, grass-stained bramble berry notes laced in the smell of fresh open air. It tastes like violets that have been set on fire by the snap of a bonfire with floral bright raspberry notes. A sizable body ties it all together, making this an all-around banger of a wine.

How to drink it:
While feeling the first fall breeze brush still tanned shoulders
Listening to Sam Hunt’s Make you Miss Me.
Eating This is a wine that screams for a clam pasta with lots of butter and oil, this wine is comfort food.

The Taste of Florida Cafe

Prepare to fall in love with The Taste of Florida Cafe, where family recipes are prepared with fresh ingredients and their award winning grapefruit pie is served.

Sun Country Groves began as a grove retail shop and shipping company that quickly became a hotspot for area visitors enjoying a Central Florida vacation. Fifty-three years later, the family business expanded to include a seasonal café, Taste of Florida Café, where owner Debbie Lang Brozio showcases her Grandmother Mary Lang’s treasured recipes, including her award winning Grapefruit Pie.

Lang's Taste of Florida Cafe

Lang’s Taste of Florida Cafe

Seasonal Ingredients and Family Recipes

Their friendly staff works together at the Taste of Florida Café to serve up a wide array of family recipes. Every dish is created with fresh seasonal ingredients sure to awaken your taste buds. The café offers something for everyone. Salads are piled high and filled with unique ingredients. For example, the Trio Salad features scoops of chicken salad, sweet potato salad, and tangy citrus salad atop a bed of fresh greens. If you are feeling a little south of the border try the Taco Bowl Salad, bringing you all the taste of a Mexican feast.

Another group of noteworthy items are the sandwiches. The Hawaii Croissant is topped with honey baked ham and pineapple while the Roast Beef Classic is adorned with bacon and Swiss cheese – both are sure to leave you satisfied. One of the highlights of Taste of Florida Café is the Grapefruit Slaw Dog, a big beef hotdog topped with their famous grapefruit slaw.

Lang's Taste of Florida Cafe

Lang’s Taste of Florida Cafe

The café also offers a variety of wraps including the Veggie Lover and the Turkey Bacon Wrap. All sandwiches, hot dogs, and wraps are served with chips. If you happen to experience one of Florida’s chillier days, a hot cup of soup or the Cracker Cowboy Chili will warm you right up. To satisfy your sweet tooth, try the fresh strawberry shortcake served on top of warm fresh baked biscuits or southern sweet cake.

Food Network has Featured the Grapefruit Pie

If you’ve read reviews about Taste of Florida Café, you know you MUST try a slice of Grapefruit Pie. Graham cracker crust is layered with fresh grapefruit and other delicious ingredients that are sure to please both the taste buds and the eyes. Founder Mary Lang’s recipe has won numerous awards as well as a feature on the Food Network show, Epicurious. If you are still craving Grapefruit Pie once you return home, don’t worry – Mary Lang was kind enough to share her unique recipe with us!

Mary Lang’s Grapefruit Pie Recipe

Yield: 8 servings

Preparation: 15 minutes
Cook: 10 Minutes
Refrigerate: 2 to 3 hours

1 (6 ounce) graham cracker crust
2 large or 3 medium red Lang grapefruit, sectioned
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 1/2 cups water
1 (3 ounce) package strawberry flavored gelatin
1 (8 ounce) container frozen nondairy whipped topping, thawed

Arrange grapefruit sections in graham cracker crust. Set aside.

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar and cornstarch. Add water and cook over medium heat until thick and clear. Add gelatin and stir to dissolve. Let cool slightly. Pour gelatin over grapefruit sections in crust. Refrigerate until firm.

Top with whipped topping.

Lang's Sun Country Groves Gift Shop

Lang’s Sun Country Groves Gift Shop

Old Florida Style Gift Shop

After lunch you can explore all that Lang Sun Country Groves has to offer. Want to enjoy fresh Florida citrus at home after your Central Florida vacation? Lang’s offers fruit shipping. You can also visit their retail gift shop which has been described as “old Florida style” with southern charm expressed on the walls in the form of large decorative murals of Florida crops. The shop is stocked with jams, fresh juice (150 gallons squeezed daily), jellies, wine, food-items and many gifts you would not find at a typical roadside souvenir shop.


5900 US-17
Haines City, FL 33844
Get Directions


Open Seasonally October – May
Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 5:00 p.m


BrewPOP Brewery

BrewPOP Brewery in Auburndale is a family-friendly brewery serving 48 taps of beers and ciders, red and white wines, house-made sodas, and wood-fired Neapolitan style pizzas.

Locally Brewed Beer

BrewPOP Brewery has revived an old brewing technique used to make a variety of beer strengths from a single grain mash – Parti Gyle – and they are just one of a handful of breweries in the world that use this style of brewing on a regular basis. Another way to describe Parti Gyle is “brewing to taste.”

When you review the brew menu at BrewPOP you’ll notice similar types of beer in groups of three. Information about the 1st, 2nd and 3rd “runnings” refers to the flavor profile and ABV strength. First runnings are considered barley wines, or good sipping beers, with 8-14% ABV. Second runnings are considered normal, well balanced and flavorful beers, while third runnings are light beers with 3-5% ABV. Some third runnings are flavored with raspberries and mangos, or they are soured.

BrewPOP Brewery Taps and Drink Menu

BrewPOP Brewery Taps and Drink Menu

Parti Gyle Menu Example

  • Grizzly Honey: 1st running at 9.9% ABV. Dark beer with notes of honey from the malts and a touch of GallBerry Honey and Amber Belgian Candy Sugar.
  • Grizzly Deterrent: 2nd running at 7.5% ABV. Flavored with Black Pepper and local Florida Brazilian Honey Pepper.
  • My Grizzly Soured My Bee: 3rd running at 4.0% ABV. Wonderful sour with a hint of local Florida Brazilian Honey Pepper.
BrewPOP Brewery Flights

BrewPOP Brewery Flights

House-Made Wine and Sangria

The base for BrewPOP Brewery’s wine is concentrated grape juice from the west coast of the United States, and each batch of wine is flavored with local fruits. For instance, Merlot Flirts with a Mango is a Washington State merlot aged on French Oak with a touch of mango, and Piesporter with Tangerines is a German piesporter made with tangerines. BrewPOP’s White Sangria is made with mangos, pears, apricots, peaches and apples, just to name a few.

At BrewPOP, sangria and wine can be served a few different ways: straight up for full flavor, on ice, or mixed with a house-made soda.

House-Made Soda

BrewPOP Brewery’s sodas have no additives or chemicals and include flavors like Pumpkin Pie, Crazy Monkey, Dark & Creamy Cherry, and Apple Sauce.

Insider Tip: Sit at the bar and ask the bartender about mixing beer and sodas. Carmel Graham (beer) and Apple Sauce (soda) is a delicious mix.

BrewPOP Brewery Mushroomagedon

BrewPOP Brewery Mushroomagedon

Neapolitan Style Pizzas

BrewPOP Brewery’s hybrid pizza oven, heating with both natural gas and wood, reaches around 800 degrees so the staff must use fresh, high quality ingredients. The brewery makes their own dough and serves only a buffalo mozzarella. Best sellers include My Chicken Beat Up My Pig (chicken breast, fire roasted pork, Italian sausage, pancetta, marinara, Swiss and provolone cheese) and Mushroomagedon (shitake, oyster, baby bella and large bell mushroom caps sliced and then sautéed in a white wine, mushroom cream sauce and Belgioioso fresh mozzarella).

BrewPOP Brewery Pretzel Logs

BrewPOP Brewery Pretzel Logs

Wings, Pretzel Logs, and Pretzel Bun Sliders

BrewPOP Brewery’s wings are marinated, slow roasted and then grilled to order and their most popular flavors are Sesame (garlic, spices, sesame oil and a touch of Florida honey) and Hot Ginger (ginger, Sriracha, cayenne pepper and a house-made hot sauce).

The fresh, hot soft beer pretzel logs are very popular and come with your choice of Jerry’s famous beer cheese, spicy beer mustard, seeded wine mustard, or marinara sauce. The same pretzel dough is used for BrewPOP’s pretzel bun sliders. Slider varieties change daily.