LEGO Partners With HP To Help Bring Creative Learning Into Schools

Maker of famous multicolored blocks, Lego, has announced a partnership with HP at Bett 2017.

Lego will be joining the HP for Education scheme, which allows schools that have invested in HP computers to cash in credit for software, devices and training.

As part of this, Lego will bring two education programs into the fray: Lego Mindstorms Education EV3 is a package designed to get secondary-school students interested in the basics of robotics and computer programming, while WeDo 2.0 mixes Lego bricks with basic modelling software, to introduce primary-school students to computing and science.

“At HP we recognize that with tight budgets, schools have to make difficult decisions every year between buying much-needed education hardware or investing in software such as education programs and training courses.” said Neil Sawyer, education business director at HP.

“We want to stop schools from being forced to minimize their IT assets or forgo software purchases in order to invest in vital education technology.

“With Lego Education adding two of its leading software programs and brick sets to the initiative, HP for Education will deliver creative learning solutions to thousands more pupils in the coming months, boosting STEM skills and preparing young people for the workforce of tomorrow.”

Not many brands shout “creative learning solutions” as eloquently as Lego, so it’s a boon for HP to have them onboard with their education scheme. Indeed, the nebulous term of “creativity” has been championed at this year’s Bett show, from Adobe’s push to bring Creative Cloud Android apps to Chromebooks in schools, to startups exploring ways for technology to enable students to create in the classroom.

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