Mead Is the Next Craft Beer

I noticed something while traveling home from work one afternoon ‘Garagiste Meadery‘. But what is a meadery and what exactly is mead?

Mead is ready to break through, to become the next sought-after alcoholic beverage. But what is it?

What’s Mead?

Like most alcoholic beverages, mead’s been around for some time. Mead’s history dates back at least 8,000 years, as there’s evidence that suggests it predates wine. Enjoyed on the Isle of Crete, mead was—and still is—fermented honey water. Yeast eats the honey’s sugar and you’ve got a beverage that ranges from about 8% alcohol to 20% alcohol. Meads have long been flavored with spices, herbs (including hops), and/or fruits, and, like wine, can be dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.

While ancient mead was naturally fermented by the yeast in the air, today’s meaderies add yeast themselves for a more controlled environment and to produce insanely flavorful offerings unlike anything from the Isle of Crete. Today, fruit is a major component, as are fun adjuncts like coffee, licorice, and other grocery store staples. Meaderies are getting as wild as some breweries, making meads from the strangest of ingredients. Of course, just as with breweries, some makers are not as plugged into that scene. If you want to try the mead that demands the best beer in a trade, here’s what you’re looking for… Garagiste Meadery.

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