New App Recommends Food Based On Your Emotions

If only there was an app that could stand in for your best friend, telling you when to eat foods to boost your mood.

Good news: there is!

Scientists at Oxford University are getting ready to roll out an app that suggests foods based on your facial expressions. This “mood mapping” enables the app to recommend foods like walnuts when it senses you’re sad, or dark chocolate when you’re stressed.

Professor Charles Spence, one of the researchers behind the app, says there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates that your mood has a significant impact on your taste and smell. 

It can deaden or liven the effect of both —  a reverse of this is also believed to be true, that food can have a number of affects on your mood.

Spence is the same guy who led a study that revealed how your environment affects the taste of wine back in 2014.

He’s now working with food delivery service Just Eat to launch the app, which can detect a number of emotions, including anger, sadness, joy…and even more nuanced feelings, like disgust, fear and surprise.

The app was tested this past weekend, with an official launch planned for later this year.

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