New App Pingbell Helps Find Your Bike

City bike owners will know the frustrating feeling of not being able to locate your bike in a chaotic parking lot. Designed by Amsterdam-based Folic Studio, Pingbell helps you find your two-wheeler in the sea of bikes via the help of Bluetooth technology. The app will help you pinpoint your bike’s exact location, while the bell looks and rings exactly the same as a normal bell would, with the aim to be as understated as possible. For the evening, the bell also lights up when pinged, in case you don’t want to wake up the neighbors. Within the removable bell is a circuit board sand battery pack which is chargeable via an external USB cable. Learn more about Pingbell below.

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This App Will Discourage You From Contacting Your Ex by Playing Nickelback

When I broke up with my ex, the only way I could temporarily relieve the humps of malaise I’d get from the pain of no longer being able to hump, was listening to my favorite song, by my favorite band: Nickelback.

HAHAHA just kidding — if Nickelback truly was my favorite band, I would have never had the chance to hump anyone or thing in the first place (because they’re very not good, you see).

But now in 2015, Youtube comedy troupe Lady Products has developed a way that Nickelback can potentially help broken-up, lamenting individuals in the most Nickelbackian way possible: by using the sheer awfulness of their “music” to prevent people from contacting their exes, through a terrifying (but unfortunately fake) new app.

Basically, whenever you try to check in with your ex, this would-be app plays a Nickelback song, which should snap you back to reality long enough to realize the horrible mistake you are making, or, just make you vomit uncontrollably. Either way, checking out your old flame’s Facebook profile just won’t be on your mind any more.

As we said before, this app is purely parody for the moment.

But if any amateur app-makers out there want to make a bundle of cash and our dreams come true — this might be your (shit-covered) golden ticket.

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Get Over That Breakup with this New App

Put away the Ben & Jerry’s because a new app, Rx Breakup, developed by Stila cosmetics founder Jeanine Lobell and relationship therapist Jane Reardon, promises to help the heartbroken get over a breakup in 30 days, according to Yahoo.

The free app is designed to give people daily tasks so that they do not end up on the couch eating ice cream in their pajamas, singing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” while obsessively texting and Facebook stalking their ex.

Within the next 60 days the pair will be launching an accompanying social network component for their app, Rx Breakup.

Of the social network component, Lobell tells Yahoo that the app will allow users to post funny pictures or quotes.

“It’s also a way to track other people,” Lobell tells Yahoo. “You can search other people who are on day five, for example, so you can talk to people who are going through the same thing.”

The app also features illustrations from British Vogue illustrator, Jo Ratcliffe.

Lobell tells Yahoo that the goal of the app is to provide advice for those going through a breakup in a way that is like talking to your girlfriend or best friend.

Of the app, Reardon hopes users will gain a healthy relationship with oneself.

“OK, this relationship didn’t work out, but it doesn’t mean your relationship with yourself can’t work.,” Reardon tells Yahoo. “That’s the most important thing, is to have a relationship with yourself.”

The app, Rx Breakup, is available on the iPhone and other Apple devices.

The Companion App Makes Sure You’re Safe Walking Home at Night

We continue to see new apps invented that help assist us in our everyday life. Next on the list is one which makes sure we’re safe walking home late at night. Introduced by five students from the University of Michigan, the Companion app enables users to request for a friend or family member to keep them company virtually, tracking their journey to their next destination via a GPS or online map. Whoever the user chooses to be a companion doesn’t need the app installed — just contact information will suffice and the companion will receive a hyperlink to virtually see where the user is.

The app can detect movements if the user strays from their path, falls, is pushed over, starts running, or has their headphones pulled out. If these movements are detected, the screen then asks whether the user is OK. A button on the screen can be tapped, but if it isn’t within 15 seconds the app will automatically notify the companion (who can then choose to call the user or the police), and transforms the user’s phone into an alarm projecting loud noises in an effort to dissuade the culprit. Companion was originally conceived to aid students walking home alone at night across university campuses. If the user calls 911, the app will automatically notify the campus police as well. While the campus police notification is U.S.-only, the app can be used worldwide by simply entering the chosen companion’s country code and phone number. According to co-founder Lexie Ernst, a senior at the University of Michigan, “We’ve had a lot of people outside the US downloading the app. Since we launched, we’ve had dozens of emails from people in the US, as well as many other countries like the UK, Belgium, France, and Norway.”

In addition to its basic functions, the app also has a button to let users note when they “feel nervous” in certain areas. The Companion team plans to collect this data to provide information on which areas might be more unsafe than others, providing them to school officials. Moreover, users will be able to note why they feel unsafe in certain areas in the future, to keep the dialogue open between students and campus security. This app has the ability to keep a lot of people feeling safe, and campuses even safer. However, this app isn’t only directed to students. “Both men and women from all demographics have emailed us saying they’d love to use the app. Lots of parents want to use the app for their children, and some people want their elderly parents to use it, too, to make sure they don’t get lost,” says Ernst.

Would you try this out? Learn more about it here.

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Order From the “Secret Menus” of Restaurants with the Off the Menu App

You might not realize it, but In N’ Out and Chipotle aren’t the only places around with secret menus. Off The Menu can fill you in on otherwise unlisted menu items from eateries both casual and formal across the country. Broken up by city, this comprehensive list of stealth menu items includes descriptions for each dish, letting you order like a local even if you’re visiting for the first time from the opposite coast.

Waking Up Alone? The Wakie App May Solve That Problem…

Even the best alarm clocks can’t compete with being awoken by a human voice. Thanks to Wakie, you can ease into your day talking to another person, even if you’re hopelessly alone. This novel app connects you to an entire network of people that set their alarms not to be jarred out of slumber by alien buzzing, but by receiving a call from another member of the network, who will have a friendly one-minute conversation with them to start their day. You can also choose to be on the waking end of things, calling other members to help them out of bed.

Playboy Launches Safe-For-Work App

Playboy has launched a safe-for-work app, as part of its ongoing digital makeover. With 80% of their traffc coming from mobile, the company have chosen to highlight original, safe-for-work articles from their main website for a more general audience. In a similar move last year, Playboy released a nudity-free app version of their magazine and relaunched as an advertiser-friendly lifestyle site, rather than a destination for adult content. Find out more and download the app here.

The 20 Best Apps for the Apple Watch

Now that you’ve found a sleek charger for that shiny new Apple Watch, it’s time to bulk it up with some apps to start putting it into use. With the profusion of apps currently available, selecting the ones which suit your lifestyle best and successfully live up to the potential of the watch may be something of a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up a varied list of 20 apps that take full advantage of the unique opportunities the timepiece has to offer. From DJing, to cab-hailing, to checking flight itineraries, you’ll be sure to discover an app pertinent to your personal interests and enhance the way you incorporate the gadget into your lifestyle.


Dying to know the name of that awesome tune you heard while sitting at your favorite cafe? Well there’s no need to pester your barista, because with Shazam for Apple Watch, a simple tap on the app icon prompts your iPhone to listen to what’s playing and display the name of the song, artist and lyrics right on your watch.

Breaking your Instagram habit just became even more difficult as Apple Watch’s iteration compiles the best features of the app – feed browsing, liking photos, notifications, emoji comments – to help keep you updated right on your wrist.

Trivia Crack
Animated characters act as a guide as you compete against opponents by answering millions of crowd-sourced questions from all around the world in this highly addictive gaming app. The Apple Watch version allows you to play all your turns directly from the watch without ever having to touch your iPhone.

This DJ app connects with Pacemaker on your iPad and acts as a remote for it’s Autopilot feature, letting you skip songs in a queue and mix the tracks of your choosing so that everything blends together seamlessly.

Fans of the 1980s TV series Knight Rider will be smitten with nostalgia over the KITT voice box app. Named after the show’s artificially intelligent supercar, the app contains voice recognition capabilities which allows you to command KITT to a whole range of functionalities.


Expedia for Apple Watch allows you to check itineraries for upcoming trips and get detailed flight and hotel information, ensuring that your traveling experience remains smooth and stress-free.

Getting lost in translation is a common scenario when traveling abroad. While it’s no Rosetta Stone, Babbel provides standard conversational terms relative to your location. Want to order your steak well-done at that posh French bistro? “Un steak bien cuit s’il vous plaît.”

The fast, easy and practical cab-hailing app just got faster, easier and more practical on your Apple Watch. With Uber, you’re just a few taps away from summoning a car to pick you up, all without ever having to visit an ATM.

From tourist traps, to hidden gems, to local happenings, TripAdvisor serves as an ideal travel companion by letting you unearth a myriad of things to do when discovering a new town or city.

Why risk getting caught in a sudden torrential downpour without an umbrella? WeatherPro provides detailed and up-to-date weather information with unrivaled accuracy so that you don’t have to gamble with whatever curveballs mother nature may throw at you.


Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen has all you need to help kickstart your pursuit of a more nutritious lifestyle. Featuring dozens of healthy and organic recipes, the app also acts as a timer when needed.

OpenTable reminds diners of upcoming reservations, shows them how to get there and keeps them on time with a sleek countdown interface.

Portion control and healthy food recommendations are just a few perks offered via Lifesum. The app monitors how much food and water you’ve had during the day and offers inspirational reminders to keep you motivated.

Browse restaurants, bars, coffee joints and new destinations right in your area. If a listing catches your eye, you can tap to get more details – such as customer reviews and walking/driving directions.

The Apple Watch extension acts as an “intelligent kitchen timer,” prompting you when to flip or stop cooking various foods.


Nike+ Running
The Nike+ Running app displays your distance, duration and pace right onto your Apple Watch. Pair with some Bluetooth headphones and you can listen to music wirelessly during your workout.

7 Minute Workout
Think you don’t have time to workout? This app includes 12 different exercises, each only 30 seconds long, and times each set along with a 10-second rest period. Try finding a different excuse.

Misfit lets you choose your workout length and gives you a total body workout that combines body weight exercises and high intensity circuit training.

WebMd’s watch app creates a log that helps people keep track of their respective medication regimens by monitoring and notifying them whenever they have or haven’t taken their meds.

Using GPS technology, Runtastic monitors your sport and fitness details (distance, duration, speed, elevation change, calories burned, etc) to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals.

Little Caesars App Allows You to “Bacon-Wrap” Your Twitter Timeline

Finally, the chance to escape the news nonsense, unsolicited observations and hashtags that take over your Twitter feed is here. When Little Caesars first introduced its bacon-wrapped deep-dish pizza, it seemed just a step away from full-blown bacon-wrapped ubiquity. Now, that step has been taken—by Little Caesars, naturally—as the company has unveiled its new Bacon Timeline app for Twitter.

Essentially, the app is just 42 images of sections of bacon that will appear in order on your timeline. The result is a replication of a 3.5 foot bacon strip stretched out for your scrolling pleasure. On the app’s webpage, there’s even a warning that reads, “If wrapping your timeline with forty-two image Tweets of a very long strip of bacon is not for you, then you should definitely not do this because that is exactly what happens when you use Bacon Timeline. If you think you can convince yourself, then you should convince yourself and quickly do Bacon Timeline before you change your mind.”

If you feel the need for 3.5 feet of bacon on your Twitter feed, you can get the app here.

10 Travel Hacks The Tourism Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Vacations are supposed to be about relaxing, but even experienced travelers know that planning a trip also comes with its own set of stresses. From figuring out how you’re going to pay for it (so many costs!), to fitting everything into your carry-on (because, checked-bag fees…), to simply trying to get your bearings a new place, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

But, luckily, it doesn’t have to be so hard. We talked with four professional travelers who shared their insider tricks for making travel easier. Ahead, find out about the hack that got a blogger two first-class tickets to Abu Dhabi for less than $100, pick up tips for getting perks like free Champagne, and learn how to make your trip a lot more comfortable, from beginning to end. Bon voyage! 

Pay Attention To Special Deals For Your Rewards Program

Often times, travel rewards programs give extra points for purchases made at certain restaurants or on specific days. If you’re aware of those deals, you can really rack up the points, which travel blogger Chris Guillebeau says is the best long-term trick for getting cheap airfare and hotels. He and his friend have even started the tradition of a “Dining Dash,” where they visit 12 restaurants in one day, all in pursuit of miles and points. “For us, it was a fun adventure,” he says. “We did benefit, though, from the 3x bonus that the Chase Sapphire card has on the first Friday of every month.” Through his credit card rewards, Chris has been able to travel on the very cheap. “Last year, I took a friend to Abu Dhabi from LAX in first class,” he said. “This flight would have cost no less than $11,000 per person were we to pay for it [outright] — but with miles earned through credit card bonuses, it was just a few hours of work and less than $100 in taxes.”

Set Up Flight Alerts

Another good trick for saving money is to set up flight alerts a few months before your departure date, suggests Clint Johnston, owner of the travel tips blog TripHackr. “They’re free to set up on sites like Kayak, and they’ll notify you by email when the fare drops to the price you set,” he explains. “If you’re flying internationally, plan to book your flight six to eight weeks before the departure date.” Clint also says that being flexible with your dates and destination (if you can be) is the number one way to get a good deal. “Flying into nearby airports may save you a lot of money,” he says. “For example, if you need to fly to LAX, also try Orange County, Long Beach, and Burbank.”

Book Connecting Flights Separately To Save Money

Sometimes it takes just a little extra time to save hundreds of dollars, says Johnston. “For example, flights to Rome may be expensive, but flights to Paris are cheap. Book a roundtrip to Paris and a second roundtrip on a budget airline [from Paris] to Rome,” he suggests. “Budget carriers are common in Europe and Southeast Asia and often offer incredibly low fares.” It may sound like a hassle, but when you have a few hundred more bucks to spend once you arrive in your destination, you’ll be glad you took the time to do the research.

Find The Perfect Seat

Turns out, there’s an art to nabbing a good spot on an airplane, and Johnston has the secret to making it yours. “Check-in online and find the perfect seat before you get to the airport,” he says. “Not all economy seats are the same, which is why I use sites like SeatGuru to find the best available seat. It will show you the perks or drawbacks from every seat and every plane, which helps you stay comfortable onboard.” Extra legroom, anyone?

Learn To Love The Layover

“I may be weird, but I personally like airports,” says Guillebeau. And, that’s because he figured out that they can be an awesome place to spend a few hours — if you know what you’re doing. He explains that it wasn’t until he started travel hacking overseas that he discovered the truly noteworthy airport lounges. “Some of these lounges aredestinations,” he writes on his blog. His favorites include Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in Heathrow, and the AmEx Centurion Lounge. Even if you don’t have the exact, proper credentials, you may still be able to work your way in. For example, if you have any American Express credit card, you can pay $50 per visit to hang in the AmEx Centurion Lounge (it’s free if you have the Platinum or Centurion Card). For long layovers, it’s worth investigating the pay-per-visit airport lounges, since many offer free gourmet food and alcoholic beverages, high-speed Wi-Fi, and even complimentary massages. “If you can gain access to the right lounges, then you won’t have a problem setting up shop for hours if necessary,” Guillebeau says.

Embrace The Space Bag

The old-school way of saving space in your suitcase: rolling your clothes. The new-school way: Space Bags! “I cannot live without Space Bags,” confesses Jessica Dante, travel blogger and editor-in-chief of The Abroad Guide. “The ones that are made for travel can be used without a vacuum and are super useful when packing thick sweaters and outerwear for cold weather destinations,” she says. “They suck the air out of those thick pieces so that you can fit more in your bag.”

Access Country-Restricted Content No Matter Where You Are

Sometimes the worst part about traveling internationally is having certain websites and videos blocked. But, there is a way to access them no matter where you are. Enter: the VPN — the virtual private network. “I use a VPN to access Pandora, Netflix, and other country-restricted content abroad,” Johnston says. “Many services you pay for at home are blocked abroad, but VPNs will help you work around that. There are many free options, but paid options are often faster and more reliable.” Looking for a good one? Try Private Internet Access. (And, no, it’s not as sketchy as it sounds.)

Stream Media To Your Hotel TV

If you’re in the mood to watch a movie but don’t want to pay the hotel’s exorbitant rental fee, you can save money by streaming from your phone or laptop but still get the larger-screen experience. “Instead of watching Netflix on my tiny phone, I can watch it on TV,” says Jill Dressel, a corporate flight attendant. Her trick is making sure she always packs her HDMI cord. “You plug one end into your phone and one into the TV, then turn the TV to HDMI,” she says. “It’s that easy.” You may need a special cable depending on your device, so be sure to confirm that you’ve got the right one before you depart.