‘Selfie Arms’ Might Be The Only Thing That Look More Stupid Than Selfie Sticks

Sometimes, innovation is bad. I just want to go on record saying that, and I want to say that nothing looks more stupid than trying to cover up something stupid. Selfie sticks are stupid! I want everyone to live their truth and use them and have stupid fun, but let’s not add to the stupidity of the situation.

Or let’s. A Japanese man who goes by the name Mansun has devised a way to disguise your selfie stick with none other than an imitation human arm. Here’s a breakdown of his proposed solution to your so-called ‘problem.’

First, you will need the confidence to do this in public. Then, a selfie stick with a human hand built in. Naturally.

And then you’re good to go! You look like one of those windsock men that flags people down for car sales, but you know. Whatever.

The Best Invention to Ever Come Out of Florida is No Shocker

America was founded on the principle of fresh ideas, so it’s no surprise that many of the world’s most important innovations and inventions of the last few hundred years were born here. But what exactly does Florida have to offer in the annals of invention?

Air conditioning…

While the large-scale electrical air conditioning that enabled the great migration to the Sun Belt didn’t take off until the early 20th Century, it was the “cooling system” developed by Apalachicola scientist John Gorrie that paved the way. His unique and somewhat primitive system of blowing air against ice cold cloths was even used as a treatment for a dying President Garfield in 1881.