‘IT’ Now Claims the Top Spot as Highest Grossing Horror Film of All-Time

IT continues to burn up the box office — en route to earning its place atop the feature film horror flick category. At the time of writing, the Andy Muschietti-directed picture is expected to surpass The Exorcist at any moment, which eventually went on to earn $232.9 million USD from the global box office. When all is said and done, several industry insiders have IT pegged to exceed $300 million USD — following The Passion of the Christ, Deadpool and American Sniper as only the fourth R-rated film to reach such a mark.

Tasked with mighty big shoes to fill, many feel Bill Skarsgård’s chilling portrayal of Pennywise more than lived up to expectations — even surpassing Tim Curry’s equally-impressive adaption of the creepy clown in the 1990 made-for-TV movie version. Where do you rank IT amongst other horror flick greats?

The First Teaser Trailer for “IT”

Plenty of people developed a deep seated and lifelong fear of clowns after their first viewing of IT, in the same way most people born between 1960 and 1970 won’t go in the ocean anymore. And apparently coulrophobia is one of those cultural touchstones, because an IT remake is on its way to theaters this September. We got our first real look at footage from the movie in the form of the teaser trailer and we have to say, yup, stay the fuck away from us, every clown ever. The few glimpses we got of Pennywise are terrifying and the main kids look to have the acting chops necessary to carry this movie. If nothing else, this may signify a return to the suspense genre, with theaters full of frightened couples holding hands so hard their bones fuse.

[youtube id=”FnCdOQsX5kc” width=”600″ height=”350″]