Google & Levi’s Will Sell A $350 “Smart” Jean Jacket

There are devices you wear on your wrist or maybe strapped around your arm, but Levi’s and Google have gone a step further in the realm of so-called “wearables” with a jacket that wirelessly connects with the user’s smart phone.

The Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket is designed to let cyclists change the song or get directions with a swipe or a pat on the cuff, using special material developed by Google’s Project Jacquard division.

The jacket is made from conductive yarns that are woven into the clothing, and can register touch inputs like a screen. A tag clipped on the cuff wirelessly connects the yarns in the jacket to the user’s mobile device.

When it comes time to wash it, wearers remove the tag and throw the jacket in the laundry like other denim clothing (though there will inevitably be those folks who accidentally toss the tag in the wash as well).

Right now the jacket can only control music and give the wearer map updates, but the two companies hope to add more features eventually, reports The Verge from Austin, where the two companies showed off the jacket this week at SXSW.

It’s unclear when the garment will be available to the masses — though it was originally slated for spring — it will cost $350.

The delay is likely due to the fact that it seem there’s still some work to be completed on the app, The Verge reports.

“We’ve been going through continuous consumer wear testing to refine the jacket and its abilities,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “We want to be sure we take the time to get it right and provide a great experience for people.

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Levi’s Launches for the First Time Ever 501 Jeans With Stretch Fabric

The Levi’s 501 is such an influential icon that in the minds of most people, it serves as the default reference for a pair of jeans. However, with Levi’s affinity for innovation and upgrading, today we get our first look at a welcome addition to the 501’s tech repertoire.

For the first time this fall, Levi’s has introduced stretchability to the 501 and 501 CT. The new proprietary fabric will house all of the 501’s original shrink-to-fit fabric properties, while offering new stretchability ranging from 12.5% to 17% stretch. Typically, stretch fabrics cannot replicate the same look of its all-cotton counterpart, but with unique engineering, each pair of the 501s with stretch will offer the classic 501 worn-in finish, in washes ranging from dark to light.

Ultimately, the new 501 and 501 CT stretch is a perfect blend of heritage and innovation. To pick up a pair of the new 501s head on over to Levi’s and secure your size.

Levi’s Celebrates the LGBTQ Community With New Pride 2016 Collection

Levi’s has launched its third Pride collection and the first for 2016 in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation. A long-standing ally to the LGBTQ community, the Levi’s brand is commemorating the election and legacy of Harvey Milk through a range of gender-neutral product.

The collection features a series of distinct design details including a trucker jacket emblazoned with Harvey Milk’s historic “Hope will never be silent” quote, stonewashed shorts with a rainbow embroidered watch pocket and Harvey Milk patches, and Levi’s Rainbow tabs throughout.

An entire collection of gender neutral staples, the Levi’s x Harvey Milk Foundation Pride Collection recently launched on and is currently available at select locations through the U.S. The collection will also launch in Europe on June 1.


Levi’s Made & Crafted Released a Punk-Inspired Collection for Fall/Winter 2015

Levi’s Made & Crafted just made its new Fall/Winter 2015 collection available through their online store. The collection features some timeless and essential pieces, which we know to expect from the brand that has literally been doing this for over 100 years. It boasts some dark over dyed plaids and flannels, as well as some tastefully distressed jeans and jackets. There are subtle hints of British punk influencing the drop, with item names such as “The Clash Flannel,” or “The Casbah Slim Jeans” thrown about. If you’re seriously looking to make some space in your closet for these, take some old clothes to a participating Levi’s location for a 20 percent discount on these items.