New Study Claims That Dogs Love Reggae Because It Helps Them Chill

Dogs love the sound of reggae music as it has a calming effect on them, a new study of canine behavior has found.

The research discovered that dogs ‘ stress levels decreased significantly after the music was played into their kennels.

The Scottish SPCA, Scotland’s animal welfare charity, carried out a music experiment at their rehoming center in Dumbarton in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

It suggested dogs have different music tastes but reggae music, popularized by Bob Marley, and soft rock music by bands like Fleetwood Mac and Foreigner were firm favorites.

As a result of the study, the charity are to buy sound systems to pipe music into the kennels of their rehoming centers across the country.

Neil Evans Professor of Integrative Physiology at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, said: “Overall, the response to different genres was mixed highlighting the possibility that like humans, our canine friends have their own individual music preferences.

“That being said, reggae music and soft rock showed the highest positive changes in behavior.”

Glasgow university PhD student Amy Bowman, who helped carry out the study, added: “The research, which took place at the Scottish SPCA center in Dumbarton, clearly shows that music has an effect on a dog’s behavior.

“We were keen to explore the effect playing different genres of music had, and it was clear that the physiological and behavioral changes observed were maintained during the trial when the dogs were exposed to a variety of music.”

The Scottish SPCA previously released research in 2015 that showed the impact classical music had on a dog’s behaviour.

The study involved two groups of dogs being examined over a period of two weeks in a rescue and rehoming centre.

One group of dogs was observed in silence, whilst the other had classical music played into their kennels. The conditions were then switched in the second week.

In both groups the dogs’ stress levels, measured through heart rates, saliva samples and observation of behavior, decreased significantly after listening to music.

The dogs also spent less time standing and barking when the music was being played.

Gilly Mendes Ferreira, Scottish SPCA Head of Research and Policy, said “At present both our Glasgow and Edinburgh centers are able to pipe music into their kennels, and in the future every center will be able to offer our four footed friends a canine approved playlist, with the view to extending this research to other species in our care.”

FloGrown Festival Announces Reggae Act Stick Figure as Headliner for Inaugural Event

Chart-topping reggae act Stick Figure will be headlining the 1st Annual FloGrown Festival as it kicks off at the Central Florida Fairgrounds on October 1, 2016. The band’s signature sound and addictive, hypnotic rhythms will provide the perfect highlight to a festival that is essentially a one-day celebration of the Florida lifestyle. Other reggae acts set to perform include New Kingston, Florida natives SOWFLO and more.

Dual main stages, an expansive festival fairground and a beautiful lake will serve as the setting for a day filled with music, food, drink, water sports and outdoor activities that make Florida unique. ‘The Beach‘ main stage will feature the reggae/ska sounds of the coastal sandy beaches, while ‘The Swamp’ main stage will rock Florida’s country roots. Festival organizers will be announcing their country stage headliner on August 28th.

Additionally, the ‘Festival Fairgrounds’ will feature the FloGrown Wake Invitational on Lake Lawne, Ultimate FloGrown Truck Meet, Tailgate Nation, Miss FloGrown Contest, BBQ Smoke Off, Yuengling Beachside VIP Party area and more.

Kicking off at 11:00am, tricked out trucks from across the state will roll in to showcase and compete in the 1st Annual FloGrown Truck Meet, sponsored by FloGrown and Truck Fever. The top 3 trucks will be crowned FloGrown Truck Meet Winners 2016 at 1:30pm on the ‘The Swamp’ main stage. A crowning of another sort will be taking place over at the ‘The Beach’ main stage as ladies compete for the title of Miss FloGrown 2016. Lake Lawne will play host to the first annual FloGrown Wake Invitational, as a backdrop to ‘The Beach’ main stage. Five of the world’s top wakeboarders will hit the water and the air as live music rocks the beach.

“Florida is very unique in that it offers the ability to spend the day at the beach surfing and fishing, and by nightfall you can be sitting on the tailgate of your lifted truck in the woods by a campfire. By bringing country and reggae together on one day we’ve harmonized this true FloGrown Floridian lifestyle” says Flogrown founder Jesse Welch.

Tickets for the event are $25 general admission and $75 for VIP. For more information on the FloGrown Festival or how to participate in any of the events listed, please visit .