Dos Equis Introduces the New Most Interesting Man in the World

In the pantheon of great advertising campaigns, Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World” is right up there with “Wassup,” “Where’s the Beef?” and that Carlsberg billboard that dispensed beer. Then Dos Equis sent him to Mars to, perhaps, never be heard from again. Well, today we have a new Most Interesting Man in the World, as Dos Equis revealed a short clip of the new guy who lives vicariously through himself. Actor Augustin Legrand (aka Wise Michael Phelps) plays the new Most Interesting Man, and he can be seen in the short clip above. Look for an extended commercial October 19.

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Samara Gives Her Curse a Modern Upgrade in Terrifying ‘Rings’ Trailer

If you thought the advent of mobile technology and the fact that the VHS is officially dead would put a stop to Samara’s terror, you were way wrong. Paramount dropped off the new trailer for Rings, the third entry in the American Ring franchise, on Wednesday morning, and it would appear that the distribution of that pesky tape is now easier than ever. Thanks, technology!

Rings is directed by F. Javier Gutiérrez, the same guy behind the 2008 meteorite doom classic Before the Fall. Though initial whisperings of the third Ring film suggested Gutiérrez’s take on the franchise would be a prequel, the director eventually clarified on Twitter that Rings was a traditional sequel and would be set in the present.

The sequel is billed as a “new chapter” in the beloved horror franchise, centered on a young woman who sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend after he becomes obsessed with the subculture surrounding that goddamn tape. The characters then discover there’s actually a movie within the movie, which we hope gives the film enough flexibility to go full-on meta.

Rings stars Laura Wiggins (The Tomorrow People), Aimee Teagarden (Friday Night Lights), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Lizzie Brocheré (The Strain), Matilda Lutz, and more. The upgraded scares, presumably of a higher quality than those found in The Ring Two, kick off on Oct. 28.

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Get A True Polker Redneck Tan with KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen

Colonel Sanders may be famous for his fried chicken, but now he’s protecting a lucky few from the harmful rays of the sun this summer with… his very own sunscreen? That’s right: after teasing the product on social media yesterday, KFC launched Extra Crispy Sunscreen so you can smell just as good as the Colonel’s trademarked Extra Crispy Chicken. The latest in a line of innovations that includes the Tray Typer and Watt-A-Box, KFC’s special blend of SPF 30 “helps protect your skin while the real fried chicken scent leaves you smelling delicious.” So how exactly does it work? Well, just like regular sunscreen, but with a hunger-inducing scent. As KFC hilariously puts it, “harmful ultraviolet rays bounce off your skin while the lovely fragrance rays penetrate it to give you a healthy chicken aroma.” And if that doesn’t convince you, there are testimonials like:

I used to get embarrassing sunburns all the time, which affected my social life. But because of Extra Crispy Sunscreen, I’m always tan and always smelling great! I’m way more popular now. I’m an Extra Crispy guy!

Sadly, however, the 3,000 bottles of the limited-edition sunscreen — which KFC, somehow, thought might last until the end of the September 30 promotion — have already been scooped up. Please accept their apologies, though, “in the form of this amazing website that you can still look at.”

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Amy Adams Attempts To Communicate With Extraterrestrials in Arrival

Sicario director Denis Villeneuve may be hard at work at the Blade Runner sequel, but the award-winning French-Canadian has another sci-fi adventure to tide fans over ahead of the October 6, 2017 release for the Harrison Ford- and Ryan Gosling-led film: Arrival. Now, hot on the heels of last week’s TV spot, comes the first full-length trailers for Villeneuve’s extraterrestrial drama.

Starring Amy Adams as a language expert and Jeremy Renner as a mathematician, Arrival sees a team of scholars investigating a mysterious vessel’s unexpected appearance on Earth. As the latest trailers reveal, the vessel ends up being just one of a dozen that end up being stationed around the world while Adams and co. attempt to make contact with the extraterrestrial lifeforms in hopes of avoiding the alien crisis of an impending global war.

Arrival will premiere at the Venice Film Festival next month before hitting theaters November 11.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Teases Daryl Dixon’s Death in Season 7 Clip

We’ve seen the trailer and read the explanations behind the Season 6 cliffhanger, and now we finally have a sneak peek for The Walking Dead Season 7. The short clip shows Dwight, a member of The Saviors and Daryl Dixon’s rival, pulling over on a desolate highway on Daryl’s motorcycle and wearing what seems to be his signature leather vest. Could this mean that Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat “Lucille” choose Daryl as its victim? To refresh your memory, Negan’s bat could have well landed on Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, Rosita, Eugene, Carl or Rick; though the last two are unlikely due to Negan’s eye comment. Stay tuned for more as the new season of The Walking Dead premieres on October 23.

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The First Trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Is Finally Here

AMC finally delivered on months of agonizing speculation Friday, dropping the first trailer for The Walking Dead‘s seventh season. The Dead team invaded San Diego Comic-Con, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan even bringing along his character Negan’s trusty companion Lucille, a.k.a. that bat laden with death.

The fresh trailer kicks off with an emotional look back at who exactly Negan’s bat victim may have been, though the retrospective strategically ends before actuallyproviding anything resembling an answer. But the AMC gods know better than to leave Dead fans empty-handed. Here we get our first look at King Ezekiel, played by Khary Payton.

“It was a pretty traumatic and intense and weird two nights,” star Andrew Lincoln told Variety after that (spoiler alert!) death-centered finale aired in April. “It’s an astonishing scene and I thought Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just magnificent and magnetic in it. But also it was the first time I had felt a sense of unity and focus and intensity from everybody. All around the camera and also from the entire cast. I hadn’t felt like that since Season 1.”

Ahead of the presumably heartbreaking premiere, Deadline reports that AMC will be debuting a behind-the-scenes featurette centered on the making of Dead‘s seventh season Aug. 14. Additionally, AMC is hoping to get all the aloof lames caught up on the entire series with a two-hour recap special Oct. 16.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Oct. 23.

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The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus Will Change the Way We Commute to School and Work

Mercedes-Benz struck the fairway with a lavish concept golf cart last week and just recently, the German automobile manufacturer introduced its Future Bus that is seemingly a game-changer in the burgeoning world of public transportation. The kernel of this latest concept is Mercedes’s CityPilot — an operating system for autonomous driving. The mechanization involves a network of various cameras that are placed all around the bus, GPS as well as two distinctive radar systems. The Future Bus works exactly how a normal bus would except it doesn’t require a driver to help it traverse through city streets—touting streetlight recognition and the ability to stop and unload passengers by itself. However, there is a driver seat and wheel just in case human intervention is needed. Inside the bus, the interior is decked out with three different areas depending on how long your commute is, a massive display screen for the driver (if there is one) to communicate with passengers, as well as taking design cues of city parks—ceiling lights and handrails resemble tree branches.

Mercedes already tested the bus on a road in the Netherlands and it is capable of covering about 20 kilometers (12 miles) with its autonomous system.

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Tough Mudder Wants You to Design Their Next Tortuous Obstacle Course

Tough Mudder isn’t just a challenge of physical prowess, it’s a test to face your fears. Since launching, the incredibly popular team-oriented race has become an almost $100 million USD business, known for pitting participants against 10-12 miles of mud, barbed wire, ice cold water, electric shocks and more. This month the company is inviting fans to sketch out their “dream” obstacle course, with a winning design to be chosen from 10 finalists via social media. “People [often] request bugs or spiders or bees being involved,” says senior director of product Nolan Kombol.

Tough Mudder will be accepting obstacle design submissions online until July 20. The winner will receive a free trip for two to NYC to meet the Tough Mudder team, with a chance to see the design come to life for 2017.

What would you include in your obstacle course?

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‘Sausage Party’ PSA Hilariously Reveals the True Horror of Your Fourth of July Cookout

This Fourth of July weekend, an animated hot dog voiced by Seth Rogen would like to remind you that “grills kill…s,” and also to go see Sausage Party, the extremely R-rated new movie starring Rogen as horny frankfurter, Frank.

“Hi, I’m Frank, and in the time it took me to say, ‘Hi, I’m Frank,’ over two million of my friends will have expired from these unnatural causes, all because of you and your insatiable hunger for killing,” Frank says in a new public service announcement released by Sony Pictures.

The early buzz around the trailer has some experts predicting that it will be Rogen’s most successful movie yet. There’s definitely a solid enough cast involved. Among the actors lending their voices to the various grocery store items are Kristin Wiig, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, Bill Hader, Michael Cera, Danny McBride, and Nick Kroll, who’s voicing a douche—a literal douche—that falls off a supermarket shelf.

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Watch the First Trailer for the Next Installment of ‘The Da Vinci Code’

“The world’s greatest mind faces his greatest challenge” reads the slogan for author Dan Brown’s new movie adaptation of The Da Vinci Code‘s fourth book, Inferno. The third installment of the movie series (after The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons) is directed by Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard and sees Tom Hanks reprise his role as symbologist Robert Langdon, who wakes up in a Florence hospital with amnesia. Having trouble remembering the past, Langdon meets Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) who helps him slowly recollect his memories as they race against a prophecy of “Dante’s Inferno,” a lethal virus that could kill half the world’s population.

Inferno hits theaters October 28.

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