‘Finding Nemo’ Sequel ‘Finding Dory’ Drops Its First Trailer

Remember Pixar’s Finding Nemo​ about a lost clown fish with a bunk fin who gets separated from his dad and nearly murdered by a sadist adolescent in braces? America’s favorite daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres—who played the voice of Nemo’s forgetful sidekick—just dropped the trailer for the sequel, Finding Dory, and honestly it looks pretty great. (The first installment received a near-perfect 99 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes; we also included it on our list of 50 best animated movies of all time.)

Dory, you may or may not remember from watching Nemo, is a Pacific Blue Tang with a severe (and if we’re being honest kind of sad) case of short-term memory loss. In the new flick she’ll take center stage. Those who saw the first film will recall she’s been separated from her family for an undisclosed period of time and naturally cannot remember where they are (or for that matter, if they even exist).

So based on what the trailer has hinted at, Dory’s memory seems to have taken a turn for the better and dropped some breadcrumbs about where they may be. It appears Dory’s “sleep-swimming” has unlocked something to help her find her fam.

This all looks very heartwarming and you should probably make plans to take your kid, niece, nephew, or whomever else you can feign a favor for to see it in theaters yourself. Check out the trailer below.

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Netflix Adds 5-Minute Videos For Kids To Give Parents A Bedtime Bargaining Tool

If you’re a parent, you probably face bedtime with a grim determination to stick to your guns, stay firm and get that kid tucked in and the lights out when you say so. Not as easy as it sounds, as many of you likely know: kids are wily adversaries, armed with a seemingly endless arsenal of excuses and a knack for bargaining. Netflix wants to help parents compromise with their tiny foes, launching a collection of five-minute bedtime videos.

To give parents a bargaining tool, Netflix is offering a new series of five-minute videos called Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites. The idea here, it seems, is that agreeing to “just one more!” episode of your kids’ favorite show will only push bedtime back by five minutes, instead of the 20 or so minutes of a traditional TV show.

Netflix trots out some figures from a recent survey of 7,000 parents from seven different countries to support the idea that kids are skilled manipulators at bedtime: 61% of parents experience kids who try to stall bedtime. Of those, 79% of parents are willing to compromise, spending up to 20 minutes a night trying to make a deal with their offspring. American kids turned out to be the most likely to try to delay bedtime through creative tactics. Shocking.

Of course, there will always be those kids who then just demand to watch the same five-minute videos over and over again, which is nothing new in the YouTube era. “Just one more cat video, Mom!PLEASE.”

Science Seems to Agree That Being Short Actually Makes You More Depressed

Though plenty of people could easily spend the first paragraph of a story on shortness delivering one ill-advised pun after another, let’s not do that here. The truth is, without question, that living in a world that’s mostly tailor-made for taller people certainly presents a series of complications for anyone below the average American male height of “just over” 5’9”. In fact, according to a comprehensive exploration of various studies on the impact of height on one’s susceptibility to depression (specifically for males) by VICE’s Justin Caffier, being short actually presents a very real problem for many people all across the country.

A recent study at Camp Pendleton revealed an increased risk for depression in military men standing 5’8” or below, a fact likely spurred by the “physical demands” of a military career. “When people find themselves outliers for reasons beyond their control, like physical attributes, they face a challenge in addition to all of the challenges average people face,” Valery Krupnik, clinician at the center of the study, told LiveScience in 2014.

The impact of height on non-military individuals reveals the same pattern of emotional difficulty, with those falling below the aforementioned average height of 5’9” facing a wide range of potential setbacks including “career prospects” and “dating partners,” with Oxford University clinical psychologist Daniel Freeman going as far as saying that “greater height” is associated with a “slightly lower” risk of suicide. According to a Swedish study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, this risk of suicide actually goes down nine percent for every two-inch increase in height.

“Across the board in scientific study, height has an association with various markers of success and happiness,” reaffirms Freeman, adding that the association, though noticeable, might actually be considered somewhat small in the grand scheme of existence. “It is obvious that you can have great success whatever your height. It’s just that greater height confers a bit of an advantage.”

Ride of the Week: The Lexus Fully-Functional Cardboard Car

To celebrate the skills of its craftspeople, Lexus has created a full-size, drivable cardboard replica of its IS sedan using 1,700 sheets of precision-cut cardboard. Each 10mm thick, the cardboard sheets had to be glued together by hand in sequence with a water-based wood glue, taking 10 minutes to set every time. The project was carried out by LaserCut Works and Scales and Models using a digital 3D model of the sedan provided by Lexus, and took a total of three months to assemble. The cardboard replica was then mounted atop a steel and aluminum frame with an attached electric motor, thus allowing the car to be driven. Catch the Lexus IS origami replica at the NEC in Birmingham, England, but in the meantime, see the car in action and learn about the design process in the video below.

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Rihanna Stars in a Sexy Cover Shoot for ‘Vanity Fair’

Someone alert the Navy, because Rihanna has landed another major magazine cover.

The 27-year-old singer has been revealed as the star of Vanity Fair’s 2015 November issue, which features sexy photos shot by world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz in Old Havana, Cuba.

Rihanna also gets very real in the cover story, touching on everything from her relationship with Chris Brown to her upcoming music projects to her see-through CFDA dress that had everyone talking.

“I wanted to wear something that looked like it was floating on me,” she toldVanity Fair. “But after that, I thought, O.K., we can’t do this again for a while. No nipples, no sexy shit, or it’s going to be like a gimmick. That night [at the C.F.D.A. awards] was like a last hurrah; I decided to take a little break from that and wear clothes.”

Clearly, she is no longer on that break. You can read the full interview here.


Facebook Profile Pics Can Now Be GIF-Like Videos

Changes are coming to Facebook. No, you won’t be paying for the service, but you will be able to change your static profile photo to a “short, looping video,” which Facebook is calling a “profile video” (a la Apple’s “live photos”) that will play when people visit your profile either on mobile or desktop. So like a GIF, right?Yes and no. Allow us to explain.

Facebook announced the new feature as one of the many mobile changes saying, “Profile videos will let show a part of yourself you couldn’t before, and add a new dimension to your profile.” Yes, these moving images can be compared to GIFs, however one can’t upload an actual GIF and set it as their profile video.

There’s also temporary profile photos now! With this users can set a time limit on profile photos they may be posting for a certain occasion, like the “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” pink filtered profiles circling social media at the moment. After the photo’s time is up your profile photo will revert to your previous profile photo. Last but not least, the Facebook mobile profile has been redesigned to look sleeker. Users can pick and choose which information they want to be visible, they can now add a pithy one line bio, and if they’d like, five “featured photos” for all to see.

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Watch the ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Launch Trailer

LEGO has unveiled the trailer for its forthcoming video game epic, LEGO Dimensions. Featuring a cast of characters taken from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movie, LEGO Ninjago, Back to the Future, The Wizard of Oz, Scooby-Doo! LEGO Chima, Doctor Who, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, Portal and Midway Arcade, the forthcoming title will allow gamers to battle their way through several universes completing tasks and defeating bad guys along the way. Check out the trailer above to get a taste of how far the humble plastic brick has come and keep an eye out for the release on September 27.

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New ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Teaser Reveals a Wonderfully Creepy Lady Gaga

With the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel now just weeks away from finally satiating horror-hungry fans, FX is wasting little time hyping Lady Gaga’s distinctly Gaga-esque character The Countess. The Countess, also known simply as Elizabeth, is the enviably well-dressed owner of the infamous Hotel Cortez. According to Gaga, the main source of fashion inspiration for The Countess was the inimitable Daphne Guinnness.

“I’ve just been weeping while I’m here because I have returned to something I’ve believed in so much, which is the art of darkness,” Gaga told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. “It’s not something that everyone understands, but, for the people that do — Horror Story fans, my fans — there is a true connection between us and it’s a language within itself.”

American Horror Story: Hotel, which also stars Kathy Bates and Chloë Sevigny, is set to unveil the first of 13 new episodes on October 7 via FX.

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‘Jurassic World’ Recreated With LEGO

Colin Trevorrow-directed box office smash Jurassic World has been faithfully and hilariously recreated in this 90-second-long video. If you didn’t make it to see the dinosaur epic when it was in theaters, get the summarized, plastic-molded lowdown from the video below.

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Vinylify Allows You to Create Your Own Vinyl Records

Amsterdam-based company Vinylify is giving customers the chance to have their favorite digital music converted into bespoke vinyl records. Using original machinery from 1980s Germany, the start-up allows users to upload their favorite tracks to be expertly modeled into aesthetically pleasing records with dust covers and custom sleeves. With prices starting at around $55 USD, the unique service allows for up to 10 minutes of music to be pressed onto each side of a 10-inch record. Check out the video above and head to vinylify.com for more information.

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