This App Uses Video Games to Make Exercising Fun

Most workouts are boring. Unless you’re a fitness freak, then chances are it’s a constant struggle to keep yourself motivated.

New apps have made exercising more effective, but few have made it more enjoyable. That could change, however, with the introduction of Stealth, an app and core trainer that promises to make planking fun.

[youtube id=”mQbZ93G7j0M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Planking is arguably the toughest workout, so that’s a big statement to make. Stealth’s secret is distraction — you play video games while planking, using your body as a joystick. It actually gives you a better workout too as the game encourages you to twist and tilt to get points, activating more key muscle groups.

Last year, Stealth raised over $400,000 via crowdfunding so people are obviously into the idea.

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