You Can Eat Christmas Dinner At Hogwarts, For A Price

This year, platform nine and three-quarters is opening up to the public for Christmas dinner. That’s right: you can dine at Hogwarts this winter, if only for a small fee.

So the dinner is actually on December 3rd, and a ticket will get you access to the great hall of the Harry Potter franchise fame. It’s the latest event to be added to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and it’ll cost you. One ticket is $349. Yikes. But, for the hefty cost of admittance, you’ll get butterbeer, access to Diagon Alley, a custom wand, and a view of “the breathtaking Hogwarts castle model (covered in a layer of filmmaking snow especially for the festive season),” as the studio tour website details. 

I guess it’s time to figure out that “accio $350!” spell I’ve been working on for a smooth five years, huh?

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